FOSS Consultancy and Competency Solutions

  • Free Introductory training session on Core Python scheduled on February 05th, 2011

    We gladly welcome prospective candidates to attend a free introductory training session on Core Python programming scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 05th, 2011 between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at our office premises. This introductory training session is the first module of a eight module weekend Python training program which will continue for the next two months.

    For more details about this training program, kindly visit this link

  • More training programs to follow...

    We are dedicated towards promoting FOSS to students, developers, architects, entrepreneurs, colleges, MSMEs and Software/IT enthusiasts.

    As a part of our promotions, we conduct free weekend bootcamps and fast-track training programs every month.

    Click here for scheduled events »

  • Training

    We strive to provide quality training solutions on diverse FOSS related technologies that include Linux Administration, LAMP administration, Database administration and development on MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, PHP web development, Programming in Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk, Groovy, Java, C++, Linux Kernel Internals and Device Driver development, Embedded Linux, Web development frameworks (RubyOnRails, DJango, CodeIgniter, Grails) and Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), RIAs using Dojo, JQuery and Prototype.js more »

  • Consultancy

    We provide end-to-end and turn-key solutions in FOSS deployment for your organization. We provide consutancy solutions for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD - server deployment, performance tuning, high-availability clusters, load-balancing and high-performance clusters, security management (ISO/IEC 27002, PCI-DSS), Linux migration services, Open Source IT infrastructure setup for small-scale establishments, IT infrastructure security vulnerability analysis and audit, Windows to Linux integration/migration, Web development using CodeIgniter/RoR/Drupal/DJango frameworks more »

  • FOSS resource pool

    We transform participants attending our training programs to valuable technical resources for organizations using Free/Open Source Software. We choose prospective candidates attending our training programs based on their dedication, attitude and their willingness to excel in their field of interest - hire them as interns for our ongoing projects and ensure that they understand good software engineering practices and promote them to our staffing resource pool upon their successful completion of a project task. more »

About us

Slashprog Technologies was conceptualized by Mr. Chandrashekar Babu as a platform for inspiring and motivating young minds in the field of I.T. to strive higher on their career-path by embracing FOSS related technologies.

The company was founded by Mrs. Poornima R.(wife of Mr. Chandrashekar Babu) in order to build a scalable and sustainable model for creating skills/resources for PHP, Ruby, Python, Groovy, Tcl/Tk, Rails, DJango, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Drupal, Linux, Android, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many other FOSS related technologies and bridging them to industry requirements.

Our company is currently a startup (established on February 1st, 2010) and we are constantly looking forward" claary sdtogie) i, MSMEs fon FOSS deployme, c>Consultan,ur trainine and skilry d citoymets.

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